May 2, 2016 / President's Letters

May 2016 President's Letter – A Cornucopia of Committees

If you are reading this, I hope that many of you either currently are or have been a member of one of AIABaltimores‘s 25 Committees:

  • Allied Members
  • ART/ARE Preparation
  • Building Enclosure Council
  • CAE- Committee on Architecture for Education
  • CANstruction
  • Chapter House
  • COTE/R- Committee on the Environment and Resiliency
  • Communications
  • Design Awards
  • Design Awards Traveling Exhibit
  • Doors Open Baltimore
  • Emerging Professionals
  • Fellows
  • FAR- Future Architects Resources
  • Gallery Exhibits
  • Golf Outing
  • Healthcare Architecture
  • HRC- Historic Resources Committee
  • Lecture Series
  • Membership
  • Practice Management
  • Property & Facilities
  • TiP- Technology in Practice
  • Urban Design
  • Women in Architecture/Diversity

It is quite an impressive list.
Some committees are large with many members and multiple activities while others are small or focus on a single major annual activity. Some committees have been in existence for a long time while others are relatively new. Some are focused on professional practice while others reach out to the general public to raise awareness about architecture and our profession.
But they are all (in their own unique ways) the ENGINES of our chapter, where the creative energies of our members morph into specific events or new bold initiatives. Allow me to tell you about just two of these.

  • “A”- Just last year our Allied Members suggested a new fundraising social that became our 1st Annual Celebrity Chef Night event. It was a grand success by numerous measures: displayed the hidden, culinary skills of our members; provided a most enjoyable evening of socializing; and raised money to support our AIA/BAF outreach efforts. Two weeks ago we had our 2nd Annual Celebrity Chef Night, another great event for all fortunate enough to attend.
  • “W”- Some time ago our Women in Architecture/Diversity committee came up with an inspired idea to research pioneering women architects in Maryland. They partnered with the Morgan State School of Architecture + Planning and obtained broad funding to support this goal. After much coordinated team work they fashioned an exhibit that has toured our state and is next slated to appear in Philadelphia for the National AIA Convention from May 19th to the 21st. This is an extraordinary honor and displays the power of excellent ideas brought to fruition by will power and dedication.

These two committees (from A to W) display the breadth of what our members accomplish with creativity, vision and diligent work. You may have noticed a host of new committee chairs that your Board of Directors strongly encourages to sow new generations of leadership and fresh thinking.
Please regard the above list as a “menu” for you to choose from. Whatever your interest or passion, chances are extremely high that you will find like-minded colleagues in one of our 25 committees AKA “Knowledge Communities.” Consider attending a meeting to try one or more of these out. Follow the link below for more information & meeting times.
Understand that it is members just like YOU who make our AIABaltimore Chapter exceptional by your active involvement.
I look forward to hearing which committee you choose to join.
Thanks in advance for sharing your talents with our community in this important way!
anthony sig
Anthony Consoli, AIA
President, AIABaltimore 2016
Campus Architect, University of Maryland Baltimore