November 15, 2016 / President's Letters

Moving Forward

Dear Members & Friends of AIABaltimore,
Sadly for all of us, the most contentious and divisive national election in generations continues to hurt our nation and likely will for quitesome time. The deep wounds will not be easily or quickly healed. And now among the casualties—due to a poorly considered statement by AIA National—is our own beloved chapter.
A wise person observed that “we do not control what happens to us in life, but we do control our reaction to it.” I will not pretend to completely know how I plan to move forward in the world being redefined by President-Elect Trump, but it will include at least the following components:

  • Tolerance- respectfully listening to others whose views vary considerably from mine.
  • Equity- renewing efforts to defend and assist all those in our society who have been marginalized because they are different
  • Stewardship- fighting even harder to protect the fragile natural resources of our planet for future generations who depend on us to make responsible choices.
  • Integrity- staying true to my moral compass and values while not being dismissive of others.
  • Patience- being willing to take the time needed to research and fully understand issues prior to making decisions.
  • Teamwork- never losing sight of how much more we can accomplish when we choose to work together to achieve the goals we share.

When I compare my above guiding points with the past accomplishments and future goals of AIABaltimore, I find a strong alignment that reinforces my pride in being part of our chapter. I would never presume to speak on behalf of all of you. But I will share my deep hope that each of you will take the time to choose how you will react to our new post-2016 election world. And as you do, please consider the helpful perspectives and exciting opportunities outlined in this newsletter.
I have absolutely no doubt that, working together we can create a much better future for all of us.
Respectfully yours,
anthony sig
Anthony Consoli, AIA, LEED AP
Campus Architect
2016 President of AIA Baltimore Chapter