March 26, 2018 / Member Resources

A/E/C Marketing Toolbox Event Recap and Resources

We are entering a new era of professional services marketing – post-digital and human. To compete and win in 2020 and beyond, A/E/C firms need a fully updated marketing toolbox that includes not only tech tools, but also new skills and strategic insight.
Your A/E/C Marketing Toolbox, hosted by the AIA Baltimore Practice Management Commmittee on February 20, discussed the key drivers behind the overarching shift from company-focused to customer-centric marketing agenda; new rules of brand engagement; and provided an overview of the current and emerging trends and must-have marketing technologies.
Attendees learned:

  • New approaches to branding and brand management that strengthen a firm’s ability to attract and engage its “ideal” clients and employees.
  • The importance of developing a differentiating brand personality and a unique brand voice that will be recognizable across a multitude of communication channels.
  • How to communicate more effectively across digital channels, including what type of communication style is best suited for each.
  • The critical role of customer experience and strategies for creating better customer engagement through meaningful buyer personals and journeys.

Presenter Ida Cheinman of  Substance151 put together this this list of resources (including the slides from the presentation).