September 11, 2019 / Member News

The Verve Partnership Selected to Design Supreme Orthopedics Systems, Inc Headquarters

Interior design image of Suprem Orthopedics headquarters in Columbia MD by Jeffrey Sauers of CPI Productions

Columbia, MD (September 11, 2019)Supreme Orthopedics Systems, Inc., secured the talents of The Verve Partnership, an interior architecture firm headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland for the design of their new 19,000 SF state-of-the-art office, wet lab, and BioSkills Training Center.
Designing a cohesive headquarters requires trusted partners between designer, client and general contractor. Along with Supreme Ortho, and Harkins, the general contractor, the team(s) took the time to truly understand how Supreme Ortho’s space would function and align with their business goals. The focus was spent on how the employees, surgeons, clients, and visitors would interact in the spaces in order for all to be successful.
The 19,000 SF space, warmed with natural colors and wood accents, compliments the crisp, clean training laboratory and educational space. Modern accent lighting and plenty of natural light create a vibrant workplace that brings the space together. Creatively combining the technical aspects of the organization with the softer areas throughout the workplace. The holistic nature of the space feels connected in a way that allows growth to continue comfortably.
Located in Columbia, Maryland, Supreme Orthopedic Systems, Inc. is the region’s gateway to orthopedic education. With their manufacturer’s support, they are able to facilitate the hands-on technical education necessary to ensure that equipment innovation is met with practiced skill.
Release courtesy the Verve Partnership