November 22, 2019 / Gallery and Bookstore

Graduate Program in Architecture, Morgan State University: “On the Canal: An Urban Food Center for Baltimore”

Reception:  6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Thursday, December 5
Exhibition: December 2 – 12, 2019
Graduate students in Architecture at Morgan State University have designed for the year 2070, incorporating a vision for a Baltimore with an altered waterfront and interior urban canals. The hypothetical site assumes that navigable waterways will connect older neighborhoods to a reconfigured harbor. The proposed buildings are a culinary institute, two restaurants, and an alternative grocery store. Several students expanded the program to include urban farming, housing, and other uses.
Participating students are Jessica Batista De Freitas, David Bloch, Naomi Hemme, Marcella Massa, Benjamin Riniker, Faranak Ghanaatpisheh Sanaei, and Alexander Wong.
An exposition of the graduate student designs will be open to the public from December 2 to December 12 at CBEIS, 5201 Perring Parkway on the Morgan State campus.
Ruth Connell, Associate Professor, A.I.A., the instructor for the studio, was inspired by the AIA Baltimore/BAF 2019 Spring Lecture Series theme “Edge, Harbor and City”, and in particular by Katie O’Meara’s talk “Higher Ground: Leveraging Baltimore’s Topography to Increase Social and Climate Resiliency”. All of the presentations have been published in Texture, Issue No. 4.,  published in conjunction with the AIA Baltimore/BAF Spring Lecture Series and available at the AIA Baltimore Architects Bookstore.
Professor Connell is grateful to Katie O’Meara of MICA for her participation as a leading guest critic, and grateful to all the individuals who volunteered as guest critics during the semester: Erik Annis, Sarah Buzogany, Laurie Feinberg, Taejun Kim, James Pettit, Claire Moriaty, Gerda Roeleveld, Balaji Srinivasan, Randy Sovich, and others.
Connell would like to thank AIA Baltimore and the Baltimore Architecture Foundation for building constructive public discourse on subjects critical to a healthy future. Please contact for more information.
Release courtesy Morgan State University