March 2, 2020 / Emerging Professionals

Host Firms Needed – Howard County ARL Architectural Design Mentorship Program

Students at Howard County‚Äôs Applications and Research Laboratory (ARL) Architectural Design Academy need AIA’s help. ARL is a public high school that focuses on college and career preparation, including preparing students for careers in architecture.
For the last decade, ARL has organized a strong mentorship program where students spend a few hours a week working with local firms. Their involvement and responsibilities vary greatly from firm to firm. ARL has had a lot of success with this program over the years. However, due to the growing popularity of the Architectural Design Academy and the increased number of enrolled students, they have been falling short of providing every eligible student a meaningful mentorship experience. There is an urgent need for local firms that are willing to spend between 6-9 hours a week mentoring ARL’s talented and dedicated students.
There are currently seven students seeking host firms.
If your firm has the ability and capacity to host a student, please reach out to Terry Walker at or call 410-313-6998.