June 22, 2020 / Chapter News and Notices

Allied Members In the Time of COVID-19 | Lighting Environments

Prior to COVID, the team at Lighting Environments were hard at work on a new company, Environments. Thankfully, we were able to launch as planned during this time!

Environments is a full-service IoT company, connecting all building systems into a single intelligent, adaptable interface. Environments allow us to be the resource for all your integration needs. Lighting fixtures and controls can be used to integrate into all facets of the building management systems. Basically, we can talk to any device cameras, key fobs, sensors, shades, windows, GUV disinfection systems, and we are even working with a manufacturer of coffee makers in search of a completely touchless office environment!

We have put together many COVID-19 response solutions, including Germicidal UV sanitation systems, touchless office solutions, biometrics, social distancing tools, and wayfinding traffic aids. If you’re curious about GUV, we have an AIA presentation that discusses how it works, what claims to look out for, and how to do it safely.

Each project is different, so we’re hosting virtual presentations and demonstrations to find out what works best for your space. The projects can be as simple or as granular as you need it to be.



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