May 24, 2021 / BAF News and Notices

AIA Baltimore Fellows & BAF Leadership Award Presented to Morgan State University Junior, Matthew Watkins

“Hello, my name is Matthew Watkins, a rising junior Architecture & Environmental Planning major at Morgan State University with a minor in Fine Arts. As an artist, becoming an architecture major gave me the opportunity to use the skills I have acquired over the years, including painting, sketching, and sculpting, to come up with designs that are not only functional but are aesthetically pleasing. I have always had an interest in global history, especially ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Greeks. My fascination with these cultures fuels me to learn more about the different histories and traditions that make up the world we live in today. I use this in my work to design with the intent of producing connectivity between different cultures by using information about their communities to preserve their identities. It has been my great honor to receive the AIA Baltimore/BAF Fellows Leadership Award and I have several plans that I will attempt to accomplish now as an award recipient. For one, I want to build a relationship between Morgan State University’s Architecture department and Fine Arts department. From experience, I have realized that architecture and art often go hand in hand when designing structures across the world. A relationship between these two departments would assist students in reaching a new level of creativity and understanding how to use artistic elements in their designs. I would also like to assist the incoming freshman on their journey as architecture majors. It can be challenging starting your college career as an architecture major, because, unlike other students, you dive headfirst into the world of design and planning. Utilizing the Architectural BOOST Mentoring program at Morgan State, we can increase the retention of first-time students and guarantee that they will be prepared for any obstacles they may face in the program.”

The AIA Baltimore Fellows & BAF Leadership award supports Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design (BSAED) students at Morgan State’s School of Architecture + Planning with the purpose of fostering the next generation of leaders in the profession. Funds for the Fellows Leadership Award are raised through the annual Fellows Dinner organized by the AIA Baltimore Fellows Committee. To learn more about the AIA Baltimore Fellows Committee how to get involved, click here.