December 9, 2021 / Job Postings

Job Posting: ULI Baltimore Seeks Senior Associate

The Senior Associate is a professional position within the district council. As an integral part of the district council team, the Senior Associate serves as a professional liaison between the district council and ULI headquarters. The Senior Associate is one of the faces of the district council: members call him or her first for assistance and information, so it is imperative that the Senior Associate be courteous and friendly. The position necessitates that the Senior Associate be able to travel occasionally to district council events throughout the area and attend meetings, events, or programs in the early mornings or evenings.

The Senior Associate serves as an informed resource for district council committees, interfacing with these committees to ensure that all work is consistent with the Institute’s policies and procedures and that ULI Baltimore’s goals and objectives are met. The Senior Associate works closely with the Executive Director to maintain administrative, financial, and office operations of the district council, including membership, sponsorship, programs, communications, and community outreach. The ideal candidate will be working either remotely or in the office, depending on what the district council decides is needed. This could change depending on the team requirements and events.

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