August 7, 2023 / President's Letters

President’s Letter: August 2023

This summer has been hot.  Across the globe record temperatures have been broken each day.

To solve the climate crisis we all need to work together, especially in the building sector.  It is important that we talk with each other about our successes and failures to make sure all boats rise with the tide.  The tide is coming whether we like it or not, but like any design problem, it is solvable.  Sharing lessons learned from one project and applying it to others can save time, money, and environmental resources.   Not only is it important to share information as architects, it is essential to broaden our knowledge base by learning from other experts who shape the built environment.  AIA provides an excellent platform to support this kind of exchange, not only amongst architects, but with the broader industry through our Allied Members.

Allied Members form an integral part of our professional network, and their involvement is crucial to our collective growth and success. These individuals represent various fields related to architecture, including engineering, construction, interior design, building materials manufacturing, and technology, among others. Their diverse expertise and unique perspectives enrich our profession, fostering a spirit of collaboration and holistic problem-solving that is crucial as we face the challenge of climate change.

One of the primary reasons why Allied Members are so vital to AIA is their ability to facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation. Architecture is an intricate dance of numerous disciplines working together to create functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces. By fostering a strong alliance with professionals from other sectors, architects gain access to a wealth of knowledge, innovative technologies and cutting-edge products. This collaboration opens doors to new ideas and pushes the boundaries of design, ultimately benefiting the profession, the clients we serve, and the community at-large.

AIA Baltimore’s Allied Professionals Committee is planning a sustainability summit for November. It will bring together experts from across our local industry to share information on current trends to fight climate change.  It will feature information on subjects like Energy Star, Passive House, building envelope strategies and more.  By staying updated on emerging trends in sustainability, our membership can enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving field.  The more we learn together, the greater impact we can have moving forward.

If you are interested in exhibiting as part of the upcoming summit, please contact Allied Committee Co-Chair Fallon Williams or fill out the online form here.

Martina Reilly, AIA LEED AP BD+C
2023 AIA Baltimore President