October 13, 2016 / Design Awards

2017 FAR Scholarship Awards

The AIABaltimore Future Architects Resources (FAR) Scholars Program was created in 2013.  This is the 4th year of an annual scholarship open to students of architecture in their final year of graduate, undergraduate or community college programs in Maryland.


Graduate School

unfolding story rendering
Design Project Award – Unfolding Story
Maryssa Timberlake and Stephen Pasquerello
University of Maryland, College Park (Faculty Sponsor: Peter Noonan)
Jury Comment: The building provides opportunity for interaction and inspiration within three contrasting site edges. Community spaces and workshops are open and full of natural lighting. The activation of the space below the freeway for community and artists is appreciated. The design resolution is an artful intervention that connects people visually and physically to each other and their surroundings.

Druid Hill Park rendering
Research Project Award – Druid Hill Park: The Next 150 Years
Lili Mundroff
University of Maryland, College Park (Faculty Sponsor: Matthew Bell)
Jury comment: This research project brings to light some challenging site conditions that the design begins to address. The designer’s concept is a good one, to allow the surrounding neighborhoods access to this urban gem. It is evident that density, walkability, and permeability have been explored through iterations of research and site analysis in an effort to create a vibrant corridor.

watercolor of project exterior
Honorable Mention – Interacting Spaces
John Bernet
Morgan State University (Faculty Sponsor: Sanjit Roy)
Jury Comment: The design created an interesting and integrative space. The jury commends the mix of drawings, sketches, watercolor, and modeling utilized within this presentation. Site and building program is clearly focused on strengthening the connection between living and work. As an academic program, using the learning space to anchor the campus is a thoughtful design move.


Interior workshop space
Undergraduate Design Award – InDesign: A Specialized Industrial Design Library in Downtown Frederick
Sara ElFallah
University of Maryland, College Park (Faculty Sponsor: Michael Abrams)
Jury Comment: Learn. Make. Exhibit. These three words become the foundation by which this project successfully redefines the nature of a modern library. The traditional library is rejuvenated by providing users a space to learn, create and then exhibit their creations. There is a clear progression of spaces, both in plan and section. The jury applauds the modern programmatic elements and how they mesh with and enhance its historic backdrop.

rendering of school interior
Undergraduate Honorable Mention – Nature in Northwood
Ayman Rouhani
Morgan State University (Faculty Sponsor: Isaac Williams)
Jury Comment: A comprehensive proposal addressing issues that Baltimore faces in renovating its schools. It addresses urban context, site approach, daylighting, safety, and updating the classroom layout. The design ideology is reflected in the decision to splay the building and classroom pods out like fingers, reaching towards the community. A sensibility to sustainability is shown through comparative analysis of surface materials.

Community College

rendering of sanctuary exterior
Community College Design Award – Kenai Reflection Sanctuary
Matthew Tuckfield
Anne Arundel Community College (Faculty Sponsor: Michael Ryan)
Jury Comment: Artful proposal with a strong diagrammatic concept that is cohesive and effectively refined. The undulating form pays homage to the nearby glacial formations. The smooth, natural integration of glazing and views into the complex curvilinear form is commendable. The juxtaposing wood and concrete elements create visual interest, respond to the adjacent program, and serve the sustainability agenda.

Exterior rendering of the chapel
Community College Honorable Mention – Eye of the Vortex Interfaith Chapel
Dan Lorenzana
Anne Arundel Community College (Faculty Sponsor: Michael Ryan)
Jury Comment: The design shows an understanding of Sedona’s vortexes, a place of worship with high concentrations of spiritual energy. The spiritual vortex is expressed through the entry procession that leads you in as the building wraps around, pulling you to the center contemplative space. This project has a clear concept that is beautifully executed. The number of sketches and models developed to design this project is commendable.

Community College Honorable Mention – East Brunswick Islamic Center
Amelie ElFallah
Montgomery College (Faculty Sponsor: Shorieh Talaat)
Jury Comment: The jury was impressed by the attention to detail and material palette. This is a modern take on the cultural and liturgical requirements of a Mosque. The presentation showcased strong cultural research. Metaphors for spirituality, reflection, contemplation, and respect of the Qur’an are clearly present. Attention to detail manifests itself in the section diagram as it relates to the “open book” metaphor.