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Baltimore Architecture Madness

Baltimore Architecture Foundation is celebrating AIA Baltimore’s 150th anniversary with a March Madness tournament of Baltimore buildings built between 1870 and 2021. Public voting will determine which buildings advance to each round of the tournament.

Congratulations to Architecture Madness Champion:
American Visionary Art Museum  – Alex Castro, Rebecca Swanston, and Davis, Bowen & Friedel (1995), Diane Cho, Cho Benn Holback + Associates (2004)

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How We Selected the Building Nominations

BAF sought to include a diverse selection of buildings built over the course of AIA Baltimore’s history. 10 buildings were selected from each decade. AIA Baltimore and BAF committee leaders led the effort to select buildings using sources such as the AIA Baltimore Design Awards, The Architecture of Baltimore: An Illustrated HistoryA Guide to Baltimore Architecture, and National Register listings. Public voting then determined which buildings were entered into the tournament.

The following rules were used:

  • Buildings must be in the Baltimore region (AIA Baltimore zone)
    • Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Harford County, Carroll County, Cecil County
  • Buildings must be built within AIA Baltimore’s lifespan (1870-2021)
  • Buildings must be extant

For the most part, BAF avoided including single-family homes to protect the privacy of current homeowners.

Why Create an Architecture March Madness Tournament?

The tournament is intended to celebrate 150 years of architecture since the founding of AIA Baltimore in 1871. This is not a definitive ranking of the ‘best’ buildings in Baltimore. We want to see which buildings you love and learn why you love them.  BAF’s overall goal is to spread more awareness about Baltimore architecture.  As the tournament goes on we will be including articles about the buildings and from experts about the features of architecture that stand the test of time.

Please direct questions and comments to Nathan Dennies at ndennies@aiabalt.com

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