When: Wednesday, March 03 / 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Cost: Free
Organizer: AIA Baltimore

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Aligning Budgets with Energy Conservation Goals

Join AIA Baltimore in “Aligning Budgets with Energy Conservation Goals”…


Identifying energy efficiency strategies while balancing real-world constraints such as budget can be challenging when designing a building. Take part in this interactive course that demonstrates how energy-efficiency goals—when addressed beginning early in design—can be successfully achieved, saving valuable resources such as design time and client budgets. The session begins with an overview of comparative analysis towards achieving energy conservation goals alongside factors that drive energy use. A real case study forming the basis of the charrette will be presented, including an overview of conservation strategies available for consideration. Participants will utilize live polling to assemble “bundles” of selected energy efficiency measures to play out what-if scenarios. Facilitators will run real-time energy modeling simulations to show the results of bundled measures and discuss the merits and challenges of each. Charrette results will be revealed alongside energy-savings trends, dispelling common misconceptions about the link between budget and energy savings. Actual energy performance of the case study building will be reviewed.

Learning Objectives

• Recognize the value early energy analysis provides to the design process and client decision-making

• Identify a range of energy-efficiency options and their impacts on energy outcomes during various stages of design

• Interpret building performance and financial information provided by energy analysis results

• Understand how decisions made early in design can increase energy savings opportunities