When: Saturday, August 15 / 10:00 am – 11:15 am
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Clifton Mansion Tour

Public Tours of Clifton Mansion are back…COVID style! On August 15, a Virtual Tour of Clifton Mansion will begin at 10:00am!

About this Event

Public Tours of Clifton Mansion are back…COVID style! Our legacy tour guides are ready to “walk” you through the mansion from roadway to hallway to rooms to tower: from the War of 1812 to the 1850’s up to the present! And you don’t even need to step onto the property or wear a mask! You can see and experience the splendor of the mansion, the new restorations, the history and what is to come from the comfort of your home on a Zoom Meeting!

The Clifton Mansion best known as Johns Hopkins’ Italianate Country Estate hides within it the Georgian Mansion of Captain Henry Thompson. Hear how the Mansion tells the story of Baltimore and the people who shaped it by their service from the War of 1812 to our current day. Enjoy the most recent restoration efforts showcasing Victorian decorative styles from 1852.

On August 15, a Virtual Tour will begin at 10:00 and last a little over an hour, including a time for questions and answers. The tour will feature a climb to the top of the tower with its excellent view of Baltimore along with an examination of the recent interior restorations of the Grand Staircase and Dining Room/Sitting Room funded and directed by the Friends of Clifton Mansion

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