When: Monday, November 09 / 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Cost: Free
Organizer: AIA Baltimore

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The Restorative Impact of Perceived Open Space

Join us for a webinar from Sky Factory as we explore the restorative impact of perceived open space…

This course explores the impact of deep plan buildings on human performance. We analyze the role daylight and perceived open space play in shaping cognitive function, as well as how our psycho-physiology changes in interior environments.

The course introduces a new technology that proposes the restorative value of perceived open space in its two essential orientations: perceived zenith and perceived horizon line. Restoring these fundamental spatial reference frames through a valid multisensory illusion restores a range of wellness benefits normally associated with interiors applying biophilic design principles.

Learning Objectives

• Discuss the sky as the therapeutic spatial medium of daylight.

• Explain why circadian photoreceptors may generate a restorative effect on spatial cognition.

• Describe the link between our sensorimotor system, memory, and spatial reference frames.

• Summarize the malleable nature of human perception and how multisensory

illusions can make space.

• Explain the implications of deep plan buildings on human wellness.

About the Presenter

Geof Northridge has extensive experience in both commercial real estate and the commercial construction industry. For the past eight years he has been with Sky Factory developing and presenting continuing education courses on topics including the effect of biophilic design elements on human physiology, how biophilic illusions can be created to provide many of the same physiological benefits as actual biophilic design elements, and how knowledge of the mechanics of human perception can be paired with carefully crafted illusions of nature to alter how humans experience interior spaces.