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Spring Lecture Series

The 2020 AIA Baltimore & BAF Spring Lecture Series will explore unbuilt architecture and design work.

Speakers will showcase and discuss their unbuilt, speculative, and/or dismantled work, including competitions, explorations, and research. The series will explore why projects go unrealized and create a dialogue about what could have been, what is, and what can be.

Admission to all lectures is free.


3.04.20: Unbuilt Futures

Sarah Weidner Astheimer, RLA, ASLA, James Corner Field Operations / Claire Agre, RLA, ASLA, Unknown Studio

What is a responsible design strategy for the future? This lecture focuses on landscape architects leading a process of “unbuilding.” Whether deconstructing hard shorelines into soft, resilient and ecological edges; establishing strategies for managed retreat; or reconceptualizing rural open spaces as sophisticated, regenerative landscapes; the discipline of landscape architecture is heavily engaged in finding solutions for the intricate and complex questions facing our common future.

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[Webinar] 4.29.20: Unfolding

Carla Swickerath, Studio Libeskind / Seema D. Iyer, PhD, University of Baltimore / Moderator: Katie O’Meara, MICA Architectural Design

Between concept design and project realization, there is a multitude of unknowable factors that impact the outcome building projects. The architect’s role in navigating the interests of various stakeholders is to compromise, while staying true to the greater vision for the project. The architect must also consider site context and the needs of the community to achieve just and equitable outcomes.

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[Webinar] 5.20.20: Building and Unbuilding

J. Yolande Daniels, studioSUMO / Jennifer Goold, Neighborhood Design Center / Moderator: Evan Richardson, Morgan State University

The design of space, objects, and environments requires an exploration of the impact of architecture beyond surfaces and objects. The spaces and environments we inhabit are all constructed, and social constructs are formalized in architecture and urban planning. Yolande Daniels will discuss Building and Unbuilding—two areas of research and production that explore architecture at multiple scales. Jennifer Goold will discuss the re-emergence from our homes in a post-pandemic Baltimore, exploring how Baltimore will “unbuild” some of our traditional commercial environments to support small business—taking over transportation space and occupying our sidewalks and streets for food and services.

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Lunchtime Lectures

The 2020 Lunchtime Lectures explore connections to the Spring Lecture Series “Unbuilt” theme with local firms, designers, academics and allied organizations.

1 AIA/CES LU available | 1 LA CES LU available for each lecture.

3.11.20: Unbuilt Polder: Markerwaard

Gerda Roeleveld, Deltares

Gerda Roeleveld presents the curious case of how the land reclamation project “Markerwaard” in the Netherlands went unbuilt. The first ideas to impolder the area date back almost 350 years and the changes in urgencies and goals over the past 100 years are well documented and informative. There is a treasure of old maps and policy documents, and the results of a design competition to explore. Roelevled will link the unbuilt future of the Markerwaard to recent developments in that same area and to the larger context of sea level rise and land subsidence.


[WEBINAR] 4.01.20: Space Settlements

Fred Scharmen, Morgan State University School of Architecture and Planning, Working Group on Adaptive Systems

Fred Scharmen presents his new book, Space Settlements. In the summer of 1975, NASA brought together a team of physicists, engineers, and space scientists—along with architects, urban planners, and artists—to design large-scale space habitats for millions of people.

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